Traditional Chinese Food: Finding Authentic Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba

There is hardly anyone who does not enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine. In fact, there are many Chinese Restaurants propping all over Capalaba, a sign of great demand for traditional Chinese cooking. Compared to Italian or other global cuisine, Chinese cuisine is preferred for great cooking techniques that preserve the nutrients of the ingredients. This means unlike westernized Chinese cooking, traditional Chinese cooking is healthier and less likely to be fattening, making it a great choice for people who either are watching their weight or are following a strict dietary requirement. When you’re dining at a Chinese restaurant in Capalaba, you know you need to look for places that offer traditional rather than westernized Chinese fare. We’ve listed down some fun facts about Chinese cuisine below:

Fun facts 1: Chinese cuisine will vary from region to region. For example rice is typically a part of the south Chinese fare while noodles are a North Chinese food staple.

Fun facts 2: Forks and knives are rarely used in Ancient China because these instruments are used as weapons. Most Chinese dishes are prepared in bite-sizes so it can be picked and eaten easily with chopsticks.

Fun facts 3: The popular Chinese principle of not to waste is the reason why many Chinese dishes utilize every part of the animals and the plants in cooking. So the next time you dine at a Chinese restaurant in Capalaba, don’t be surprised if you see gizzard or chicken feet on the menu.

Fun facts 3: Most Chinese food offers medicinal properties. For example, tea is believed to have anti-allergy properties and some to prevent allergies drink it. This belief is based on Traditional Chinese medicine where roots, herbs and fungi are typically used to heal various ailments or to restore health and well-being.

Fun facts 4: Chinese food is considered as one of the healthiest in the world. The way the Chinese prepare the dish contributes to the health-giving benefits of Chinese cuisine. For example, only fresh vegetable and meats are used to create most Chinese dishes coupled with noodles or rice.

Fun fact 5: Chop suey is a fairly common Chinese dish and is often a staple in many Chinese restaurant in Capalaba. However, this dish is actually invented in the US by Chinese immigrants. Therefore, it’s not a traditional Chinese dish but rather, an Americanized vegetable dish.

Fun facts 6: Chinese are very particular when it comes to table manners. For example, at a table, a diner should only take food from the platter that is in the immediate side. It’s considered rude to eat from a plate placed in front of the other person.

Dining out in a Chinese restaurant in Capalaba is a great way to eat soul food as well as to introduce friends to a healthier way of eating. However, don’t just choose any random Chinese restaurant in Capalaba, do your research first to ensure you are dining out a place that serves authentic Chinese fare.