Healthy Eating At Its Finest

Love the taste of authentic Chinese cuisine? You’re not alone. Chinese food has long been considered as one of the oldest, if not the oldest, cuisine in the world. Most of the Chinese dishes you eat today have been served to empresses and emperors of Ancient China. And for those who are either watching what they eat or are trying to lose weight, you’d be glad to know that most Chinese dishes are rich in vegetable and typically cooked with little to no oil!

If you live in Australia and you are searching for a nice Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba, then there are a great selection of restaurants and cafes to choose from. However, some Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba offer “westernized” versions of traditional Chinese cooking. Westernized Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba usually offer oily, calorie-laden versions of authentic Chinese fare and if you’re careful with what you eat, dining out may do more harm than good so it pays to do a lot of research first prior to eating out in the Capalaba area.

To ensure that you are eating authentic, low-calorie fare at Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba, make sure you check out various food blog reviews online. If you are new in the area, asking around recommendation from friends is also a great way to come across Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba that serve up traditional Chinese fare. And if you want to dine out in a Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba but you are following a specific diet, like a low-calorie or a low-carb diet, here are a few tips:

Tip 1: Always opt for soups like egg drop or wonton soups. Clear broth-based soups are perfect for dieters because they are low in calorie as opposed to rich, chunky soups.

Tip 2: Steamed or boiled dishes are great choices for those on a low-calorie or a low-carb diet too. Opt for steamed chicken, steamed vegetable or steamed shrimps. When you’re dining out in a Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba and you want to go straight to the main dish, choose vegetable-based dishes like Chop suey, Chicken with broccoli, steamed spring rolls, shrimp chow mien, etc.

Tip 3: Avoid food with thick sauces or those that are sweet in taste. Avoid food with thicker batter then deep fried and opt for stir-fried Chinese dishes with little oil, roasted or boiled dishes.

Tip 4: If you are on a low-cholesterol diet, it’s best to go easy on the eggs or food that are made with protein that is high in fat and cholesterol like pork.

5) Although fried rice is one of the most popular Chinese foods, it should be strictly avoided if you are really keen on following your low-calorie diet plan. Fried rice, especially the one made with eggs, is rich in fats and cholesterol and is a big ‘NO’ when it comes to including Chinese foods in your diet plan. If you are fond of rice, you can try brown rice that is healthier than fried rice.