Eating Healthy To Maintain Youth: Chinese Restaurant Guide in Capalaba

When it comes to maintaining a woman’s youth, it’s not a simple case of having great genes. Most women either put on tons of creams, makeup or even go through invasive treatments to make themselves feel good about their appearance. If you are into healthy eating to lose weight or maintain your weight, it’s best to stick to cuisines that are most vegetable based, like traditional Chinese cooking. If you are great in the kitchen, there are quick and easy cookbooks to get and whip yourself something great for dinner.

On the other hand, if you prefer to dine out a lot and you live in the Capalaba area, then discovering new places to eats like cozy Chinese restaurant to try in the Capalaba area is one fun adventure especially when done with friends. Today, we will discuss some of the most common ingredients used by many Chinese restaurant in the Capalaba, healthy ones that will not only keep the body healthy but also helps maintain your youthful appearance!

Leaf Mustard

Leaf mustard is loaded with dietary fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. Eating leaf mustard-based food regularly helps you lose weight, keep you feeling fuller longer. This vitamin-rich vegetable also helps nourish the skin, keeping it plump, tight and smooth.


Kale is popular among dieters, even runway models, because this type of vegetable is not only packed with vitamins and stabilizes blood sugar; it also contains very little calories. To illustrate, every 100 grams of kale contain only about 25 calories and very little sugar. When you eat kale-based food, found on most Chinese restaurant menus in the Capalaba area, you will not feel hungry longer and you can lose weight significantly if you incorporate kale to your diet. Kale is popular in Chinese dishes and are often steamed or stir-friend. Just make sure to go easy on the salt and the oil when ordering kale-base dishes.


Did you know that broccoli is 90% water and is a great source of fiber? Just like kale and mustard leaves, broccoli is a popular vegetable used in Chinese cooking and you are bound to find a lot of broccoli-based dishes in any Chinese restaurant in the Capalaba area. Broccolis are typically added to steamed fish or chicken but it’s also popular in seafood-based dishes.

When it comes to eating out and staying healthy, it’s important to consume fresh vegetable, fruits and legumes to maintain your weight and promote better health. Eating at Chinese restaurant in the Capalaba area is perfect for women who believe in the philosophy that what you eat manifests on your skin and body.