Comfort Food: Finding Delicious Vietnamese Restaurant in Capalaba

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Vietnamese cuisine is known throughout the world for its complex flavors, clean taste and flexibility in the way of cooking the dishes. And when you’re on the lookout for Vietnamese Restaurant in the Capalaba area, you are in luck because there are great Asian restaurants in that very area, including crowd favorite, Golden Sun Restaurant.

Considered as comfort food for some, many Australians are flocking to Vietnamese Restaurant in the Capalaba area and beyond because Vietnamese dishes are always exciting, low in fat, filling yet low in carbohydrates. There is something for everyone including people who are either vegetarians or in a low-card diet.

Because of the geographic stretch from the north to the south of Vietnam, each region has a special eating and drinking culture. Vietnamese cuisine is all about the sauce. In fact, it’s fairly common for most Vietnamese Restaurant in Capalaba to serve up three or more dipping sauces and spices to add flavor to every dish. Sauces vary from different regions in Vietnam and most of these sauces are derived from fermented fish, shrimps, squid, etc. Additionally, traditional Vietnamese sauces also include vegetables, nuts, bulbs and other exotic ingredients to create multi-faceted flavor to various dishes.

By mixing different types of spices and sauces, you will achieve a unique flavor of the same dish every time. The sauces serve as your own food signature; you can eat any Vietnamese dish however you want it, or adjust the taste according to how you like it simply by adding different sauces.

Unlike other Asian cuisine, Vietnamese dishes often require more time and effort to prepare. Every dish typically consists of a myriad of ingredients, especially traditional fare. Each dish will have its own set of complementary sauces and a Vietnamese chef should know which sauce or spice goes to which dishes, which is by no means an easy feat. This is why it’s important to choose a Vietnamese Restaurant in Capalaba that bases dishes on authentic taste and flavors of Vietnam cuisine.

Of course, certain dishes are also simplified with ingredients that are much easier to find here in Australia. Such examples include the Gai cuan or classic spring rolls filled with fresh veggies, rice vermicelli, cucumbers, coriander, onion, prawn, pork, etc. or the Bahn mi, a Vietnamese-French fusion sandwich comprised of cold cuts, carrots, pate, radish and mayonnaise over a Vietnamese baguette.

A visit to a Vietnamese Restaurant in Capalaba wouldn’t be complete without having a piping hot bowl of Pho. Pho is a popular Vietnamese dish consisting of rice noodle soup made from meat broth known as Pho Bo when made with beef and Pho Ga when made with chicken broth. Pho contains a multitude of garnishes to accompany the noodle soup, including fresh herbs like mint, basil and coriander, onions, lemon juice and bean sprouts. Pho is classic favorite because it is light, refreshing and comforting.